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  • 1. PVA IVS  
    News Show all technologiesDates and Exhibitions Show all notifications Technologies Markets Show all marketsPVA Industrial Vacuum Systems With more than 50 years’ experience gained…  
  • 2. Diffusion Bonding Furnaces  
    The types of furnaces The hot presses are generally designed for temperatures up to 1350 °C and achieve pressing forces of up to 800 tons. For larger press platens, the forces are transmitted by…  
  • 3. Worldwide  
    Where We AreThe following international offices of PVA TePla AG work closely and exclusively with our corporate headquarters in Wettenberg. They will provide you with expert advice in your…  
  • 4. Sinter HIP Furnaces  
    PVA TePla Sinter-HIP systems for sintering of non-oxide ceramics are designed for application temperatures of 1900°C or 2200°C and 60 bar overpressure. The furnaces can be supplied in vertical…  
  • 5. Sinter HIP Furnaces  
    Contact us How can we help you? Talk to us! Send contact requestCOD Sinter-HIP Furnaces PVA vacuum- and Sinter HIP (Hot Isostatic Pressing) Furnaces are generally equipped with debinding…  
  • 6. Sinter HIP Furnaces  
    Depending on the size of the furnace in question (from laboratory size to mass production), the systems feature between two and six temperature-control zones, which ensures outstanding temperature…  
  • 7. Sinter HIP Furnaces - COD Furnaces for Cemented Carbide  
    COD Furnaces for Cemented Carbide PVA Sinter-HIP systems of the "COD" series are designed for vacuum sintering and overpressure sintering of hard metals at application temperature up to 1600°C. The…  
  • 8. Sinter HIP Furnaces  
    These furnaces can be used for sintering at high gas pressures, which means that the sintered parts can be isostatically compacted. Their most striking feature is therefore the heavy-duty design of…  
  • 9. Sinter HIP Furnaces - COD Sinter-HIP Furnaces  
    COD Sinter-HIP Furnaces  
  • 10. Sinter HIP Furnaces  
    With our COD Sinter HIP Furnaces, you can achieve top cemented carbide quality over and over again. The furnaces combine two technologies in one machine: Vacuum sintering and hot isostatic pressing…  

Search results 1 until 10 of 408

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