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  • 1. Plasma Nitriding Furnaces - System Versions  
    System Versions Furnace designs depend on customer needs and the application in question. Bell type furnace systems (standard) Pit type furnace systems Chamber furnace systems…  
  • 2. Overview - Furnaces and Services  
    Furnaces and Services  
  • 3. Overview  
    With years of experience and bold, innovative approaches, we make it possible to develop and design high-performance furnaces for sintering, joining, welding, melting, nitriding, and carburizing in…  
  • 4. Plasma Nitriding Furnaces  
    H—horizontal system For large and heavy components M—mono system Bell type furnace with a vacuum treatment chamber S—shuttle system Furnace with a vacuum treatment chamber and an additional…  
  • 5. Plasma Nitriding Furnaces - PlaTeG-PP120  
    PlaTeG-PP120 Dimensions: 1,000 diameter x 1,800 height Various PulsPlasma® diffusion processes can be carried out depending on component load and the desired results of treatment:…  
  • 6. Plasma Nitriding Furnaces  
    PulsPlasma® Nitriding Systems These are vacuum furnaces for conducting plasma diffusion processes to enrich the component surface with nitrogen and/or carbon for increasing resistance to wear and…  
  • 7. Vacuum Brazing Furnaces - Application areas and markets  
    Application areas and markets Vacuum brazing processes have a wide range of applications in a wide variety of industries such as aerospace, energy technology, electromobility and others. Thermal…  
  • 8. Vacuum Brazing Furnaces - The plant types  
    The plant types PVA TePla's vacuum brazing systems, electrically heated batch systems for brazing and high-temperature brazing processes, are designed for temperatures of 800 °C to 1.300 °C, in…  
  • 9. Vacuum Brazing Furnaces  
    PVA Industrial Vacuum Systems GmbH offers vacuum brazing systems servicing a wide range of industries. Our team of experts can advise you in detail. PVA also has an in-house full service R&D…  
  • 10. Vacuum Brazing Furnaces  
    In vacuum brazing, materials are joined by a thermal process in a high-purity vacuum atmosphere. Vacuum brazing allow even metals that are highly reactive to oxygen to be joined. Surfaces must be…  

Search results 1 until 10 of 395

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