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With more than 1,000 systems on the market and decades of experience of working in the high-temperature range, we are a leading manufacturer of highly innovative vacuum furnaces. Our outstanding expertise—combined with the high efficiency of our ISO-certified systems and our strict safety and quality standards—make us a reliable and pioneering partner to international high-tech companies as well as to universities and research facilities.

Tailor-Made Solutions / Our Processes

Our work is resolutely focused on the needs of our customers. We follow a comprehensive approach that includes customized systems as well as tailor-made process design and application. Our in-house Application & Innovation Lab, extensive expertise in all engineering processes and state-of-the-art infrastructure add up to an outstanding complete package.


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History of the Company

  1. Takeover of an Italian vessel manufacturer

    In 2019, the PVA TePla Group took over the activities of a renowned and globally acknowledged Italian vessel. As a result, our subsidiaries will be able - in addition to our existing suppliers - to purchase vessels from own production for the manufucturing of vacuum and crystal growing systems.

  2. 2018

    In 2018, the PVA TePla Group strengthens its metrology division.

    PVA SPA Software Entwicklungs GmbH is a specialist for software and automation in the semiconductor industry as well as for optical metrology. This acquisition represents an important step forward for the further strategic development of the PVA TePla Group.

  3. First 200 bar pressure sintering system developed

  4. In 2016, PVA TePla further strengthened its position in the Chinese market by establishing a further sales and service location in the Xi'an high-tech region.

  5. PlaTeG GmbH merges with PVA Industrial Vacuum Systems GmbH

  6. World’s largest hot pressing production systems for diffusion bonding developed and built (by PVA TePla AG)

  7. PlaTeG system engineering relocates to Wettenberg

  8. World’s largest PulsPlasma® horizontal nitriding system (chamber size: 4,300 mm diameter x 10,500 mm) construction and commissioned by PlaTeG

  9. New corporate headquarters built; PVA TePla AG moves to Wettenberg

  10. PlaTeG Plasma Technik Grün GmbH acquired by PVA TePla AG and renamed PlaTeG GmbH

  11. Service and sales branch opens in Beijing

  12. PVA Vakuum Anlagenbau GmbH and TePla AG merge to become PVA TePla AG, with headquarters in Asslar

  13. Vacuum brazing and heat treatment centers in Asslar and Jena founded

  14. PVA Vakuum-Anlagenbau Jena GmbH founded to provide additional production capacities

  15. Prototype developed and manufactured; systems for producing monocrystalline mineral substances using the VGF (vertical gradient freeze) method enter series production 

  16. Renamed PVA Vakuum Anlagenbau GmbH

  17. First plasma activation system built (by Plasma Technik Grün GmbH)

  18. First PulsPlasma® CVD system for hard material coating for industrial purposes built (by Plasma Technik Grün GmbH)

  19. First small-batch orders for vacuum sintering systems for cemented carbide production

  20. PFEIFFER Vakuum-Metallurgie-Anlagenbau GmbH established (MBO with employee involvement)

  21. First two COD 100 bar vacuum pressure sintering systems delivered to Krupp Widia, Essen, Germany, for sintering cemented carbide (tungsten carbide)

  22. Plasma Technik Grün GmbH founded in Siegen by Dr. Grün. World’s first PulsPlasma® nitriding system with hot-wall vacuum chamber built

  23. First COD vacuum pressure sintering systems developed and built

  24. Vacuum system manufacturing moves from Balzers in Liechtenstein to Arthur Pfeiffer Vakuumtechnik Wetzlar GmbH

  25. First VSG vacuum induction melting system built by Balzers AG, Liechtenstein

  26. Strengthening ultrasound microscopy

    PVA TePla AG acquires Okos Solutions LLC in the USA. Okos builds measuring equipment for the quality inspection of high-tech products for the aerospace and semiconductor markets. The acquisition strengthens the PVA TePla Group's access to the US market for its ultrasonic measuring instruments.

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