Sinter HIP Furnaces

With our COD Sinter HIP Furnaces, you can achieve top cemented carbide quality over and over again. The furnaces combine two technologies in one machine: Vacuum sintering and hot isostatic pressing of sintered parts.

In addition to the standard pressure ratings of 60 bar and 100 bar, Sinter HIP Furnaces with process pressure of 200 bar are available for extremely low-cobalt types of cemented carbide. There is also a special high-temperature version of our Sinter HIP Furnaces available, and it is perfect for manufacturing non-oxide ceramics.

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COD Sinter-HIP Furnaces

These furnaces can be used for sintering at high gas pressures, which means that the sintered parts can be isostatically compacted. Their most striking feature is therefore the heavy-duty design of the bayonet vessel closures.

COD Sinter HIP Furnaces are cold-wall furnaces with pressure ratings of 60, 100, and 200 bar, with insulation cylinders made of graphite felt and graphite resistance heating elements. They are usually installed horizontally, which makes them easier to load and maintain and limits what is required of the installation sites. COD furnaces usually feature equipment for dewaxing powder pressed parts, consisting primarily of a graphite muffle to protect the furnace installations from the effects of steam and a condenser in which the pressing additives can be collected and from which they can be drained in a liquid state once the process is complete.

Depending on the size of the furnace in question (from laboratory size to mass production), the systems feature between two and six temperature-control zones, which ensures outstanding temperature uniformity even in the largest systems. Effective rapid cooling systems make for extremely short production times. System operating costs are notably low since the structure and material of the thermal isolation are effective and long-lasting, while gas consumption is minimal thanks to there being very little dead space. Having been put through their paces in well over 200 Sinter-HIP systems, COD systems feature particularly well developed and reliable control technology. Furthermore, the systems are rigorously tested (including tests) prior to delivery and their safety functions are inspected by TÜV, the national safety authority.

Our Furnaces

  • COD Furnaces for Cemented Carbide

    PVA Sinter-HIP systems of the "COD" series are designed for vacuum sintering and overpressure sintering of hard metals at application temperature up to 1600°C. The systems are available in pressure levels of 60, 100 and 200 bar overpressure. PVA offers many different sizes of these systems, from laboratory scale (approx. 50 l useful volume) to large production systems with approx. 900 l useful volume.

    Furnace COD 433 R

    Effective space: approximately 300 x 300 x 600 mm

    This furnace is designed as a pilot system and mounted on a compact base frame. This allows for a very quick turnaround from delivery to handover on the customer’s premises, and it is very easy to move.

    Furnace COD 533 R

    Effective space: approximately 300 x 300 x 1,000 mm

    Designed for sintering small production batches. As with the larger systems, its layout is freely configurable and it is broken down into its main components for delivery.

    Furnace COD 633 R

    Effective space: approximately 500 x 500 mm

    The shortest furnace in the production cross-section of approximately 500 x 500 mm shared by all subsequent furnace systems. It has two temperature control zones and is offered with effective lengths of 1,000 or 1,200 mm.

    Furnace COD 733 R

    Effective length: 1,500 or 1,700 mm

    It has three heating zones.

    Furnace COD 733 RL

    Effective length: 1,800 to 3,000 mm

    Designed for mass production of cemented carbide parts.

    Furnaces with an effective length of 1,800, 2,000, 2,200, or 2,400 mm have four temperature control zones, while those with an effective length of 2,500, 2,700, or 3,000 mm have six. For all long furnaces with six control zones, there is an option to fit a second condenser channel.

  • COD Furnaces for Ceramics

    PVA TePla Sinter-HIP systems for sintering of non-oxide ceramics are designed for application temperatures of 1900°C or 2200°C and 60 bar overpressure. The furnaces can be supplied in vertical design according to the industrial standard, or as a maintenance-friendly and easy-to-handle horizontal system.

  • Smart Sinter Hip Furnaces

    Unlike the COD Sinter HIP Furnaces are sold as part of project business, the SSH (Smart Sintering HIP) is a standard pressure sintering furnace from PVA. Its size and functions are pre-defined by PVA, and there are restrictions on how much it can be customized. Using the same components, materials, suppliers and assembly team means that there are no compromises in terms of the quality of the SSH furnace relative to the COD series. The product character of the SSH furnace dispenses with the customized design and the scope of testing, which is reflected in its affordable price. The SSH furnace is currently available with an effective length of 1,500 mm and operating pressure of 60 bar. It also features vacuum dewaxing, with H2 dewaxing available as an optional extra.

PVA vacuum- and Sinter HIP (Hot Isostatic Pressing) Furnaces are generally equipped with debinding apparatus that can be used to remove pressing additives cleanly and uniformly from the carbide parts before the parts are exposed to the high temperatures involved in sintering. The debinding technology is adapted to the pressing additives used, while the processes are conducted at positive or negative pressure, with inert gases, or in hydrogen atmospheres. In some cases, the parts are treated with reactive gases in the pre-sintering phase to increase the proportion of carbon in the parts or their barrier layers, for example.

Our furnaces require only very short process times thanks to their highly effective cooling systems. This is very much appreciated by our customers since it means that they can adapt their furnace processes precisely to fit production shifts.

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