Nitriding & Nitrocarburizing / for Maximum Durability

Nitriding is a heat treatment process for enriching component surfaces with nitrogen. The use of nitrogen and carbon together is referred to as nitrocarburizing. Nitriding and nitrocarburizing can be used to create extremely hard steel surfaces.

Our Technologies

Plasma Nitriding

PulsPlasma® nitriding (PPN) is a thermochemical heat treatment process for forming wear- and corrosion-resistant nitride layers on (mostly) steel surfaces by splitting N2 (nitrogen)/H2 (hydrogen)/CH4 (methane) compounds in pulsed direct-current glow discharge.

Using small amounts of environmentally sound process gas (vacuum process), avoiding environmentally harmful reaction products, and keeping emissions low make PulsPlasma® nitriding (PPN) an environmentally friendly and economical heat treatment process, without any need for aftertreatment. The structure and characteristics of the nitride layers formed can be adapted to the function and operating conditions of the components treated thanks to the selection of suitable nitriding parameters (process gas mixture, temperature, time, pressure, voltage).

Our PlaTeG-PPN systems allow various processes to be performed for specific applications—including in combinations:

PulsPlasma® nitriding/nitrocarburizing (PPN™/PPNC™)
—plasma nitriding (430 °C–600 °C) of components made of steel, cast iron, and sintered iron to increase resistance to wear and corrosion

LT PulsPlasma® nitriding/nitrocarburizing (LT-PPN™/LT-PPNC™)
—low-temperature-plasma nitriding (350 °C–430 °C) of tools and components made of rust- and acid-resistant stainless steel to increase wear resistance without sacrificing corrosion resistance

HT PulsPlasma® nitriding/nitrocarburizing (HT-PPN™/HT-PPNC™)
—high-temperature plasma nitriding (600 °C–900 °C) of components made of titanium or titanium alloys

PulsPlasma® oxidation (PPO™)
—oxidation/post-oxidation of steel components for increased corrosion resistance and/or reduced friction of surfaces

PulsPlasma® surface activation (PPSA™)
—plasma cleaning and surface activation of components to optimize preparation for subsequent diffusion processes

Applications Plasma Nitriding / ® Nitriding Systems

These are vacuum furnaces for conducting plasma diffusion processes to enrich the component surface with nitrogen and/or carbon for the purpose of increasing resistance to wear and corrosion. The PlaTeG PulsPlasma® diffusion processes, especially PulsPlasma® nitriding (PPNTM) and PulsPlasma® nitrocarburizing (PPNCTM), are plasma diffusion methods that offer numerous advantages to customers over traditional nitriding processes such as salt bath nitrocarburizing or gas nitriding, as well as being environmentally friendly and making economical use of resources:

  • Hot-wall vacuum systems
  • PulsPlasma® nitriding (PPNTM)à PulsPlasma® nitriding (PPNTM)
  • PulsPlasma® nitrocarburizing (PPNCTM) à PulsPlasma® nitrocarburizing (PPNCTM)

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