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As a leading manufacturer of highly innovative vacuum systems with far more than 1,000 systems on the market and decades of experience in the high-temperature sector, we offer you a service concept that is precisely tailored to your requirements:

  • Individual service agreements
  • Service along the lifetime of the system
  • Remote service for fast support worldwide
  • Evaluation of plant data via remote connection to troubleshoot problems
  • Elaboration of targeted measures for preventive maintenance
  • Training and education of your maintenance team
  • On-site support by qualified service personnel
  • Regular plant services for preventive maintenance
  • Inventory and upgrade consulting for old systems
  • Concept development and implementation of modernizations


With our service products, we support our customers' personnel in optimizing system operation.

Based on our high service quality we offer:

  • Reliable plant operation with maximum availability
  • Optimum cost-benefit ratio over the entire service life of the plant
  • Transparent and reduced operating costs

Service Contact / Contact Details

If you have any questions regarding vacuum systems or plasma nitriding systems (PlaTeG), please contact:

Frank Petzold

Service manager
PVA Industrial Vacuum Systems GmbH
Im Westpark 10–12
35435 Wettenberg

Remote service

All services are based on the Remote Service concept provided to our customers. Via mail, web conference, telephone or remote access we are available for consultation, first aid and further support.

The possibility of immediate fault isolation allows further measures to be planned and carried out in a targeted manner.

Our experts at PVA in Wettenberg and at various locations worldwide, as well as a network of companies close to PVA are available for this purpose. In this way, our service quality becomes a noticeable customer benefit.

Customer Training

Our comprehensive training programs for customer personnel on the system in the factory and in production cover the following areas:

  • Servicing and maintenance
  • Operation and system functions
  • Control and fault alarm functions
  • System troubleshooting (He leak testing)
  • Production cost optimization

Contact / First-Level Support

Arne Oltmanns

PVA Industrial Vacuum Systems GmbH

Immediate Contact

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PVA Industrial Vacuum Systems GmbH
Im Westpark 10–12
35435 Wettenberg, Germany

Phone: +49 (641) 68690-140/-141
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