Plasma Activation Furnaces

PA-PlaTeG Activation Furnaces are vacuum furnaces for conducting plasma activation treatment of plastic surfaces in low-pressure plasma with the aim of improving surface wettability. The cold-wall vacuum systems with cubic (Kubo) or spherical (Rondi, Rondo) chambers measure from 15 l to 8 m3.

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During plasma activation, organic residue and contamination are removed from the surface simultaneously and polar functional groups attached to them. The surface energy is increased to enable better wetting of the plastic surface. Following plasma activation, the treated parts are significantly more receptive to printing, painting and bonding. The low-pressure plasma method enjoys a variety of benefits relative to other surface treatment processes:

  • Use environmentally friendly process gases
  • Reproducible results
  • Process can be automated and integrated into production lines
  • Treat plastic parts delicately since no notable temperature loads occur and the parts are not exposed to aggressive chemicals during use.

Our system: PlaTeG—Rondo 8000

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