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More pressure instead of post-HIPing


As a leading manufacturer of Sinter-HIP furnaces for the international carbide industry, PVA has been building these systems for more than 40 years in the "COD" model series with pressure stages of 60 and 100 bar.

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200 bar Sinter-HIP plant

In these systems, carbide parts with a wide variety of powder properties can be sintered to quasi-ideal density. However, there are also carbide grades for which even higher sintering pressures are required. Those are sintered conventionally in vacuum and compacted in a very expensive, separate HIP process. PVA has now launched a new COD system in production size for such demands, which, thanks to the higher process pressure of up to 200 bar, can eliminate the need for costly post-HIPing. For further information, please contact the responsible sales staff.

After successful completion the furnace was delivered to the customer.


Delivery of the plant to the customer

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